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Prohibition on weed is ending.  Colorado and Washington are on the front line of this battle for marijuana freedom.

Are you ready America?  The world?

Weed Hype is not just a website.  It is a feeling and a way of life.  We love to review cutting edge technology and anything new in the marijuana industry like disposable vape pens and transdermal patches.

The hype surrounding marijuana stocks is exploding and reaching a fever pitch.  Weed Hype will continue to look for new stock prospects and cannabis related publicly traded companies.  Click here for our initial review.

Edibles are hot right now and the hype surrounding them is both positive and negative.  We cut through it all and bring you the best of the best.  Check out our review on Mad Mint and Full Melt Chocolate.

Group Smoke allows you to video chat with people all around the world while smoking cannabis.  It can be accessed from the tab above or you can go to

Since marijuana discount sites are a dime a dozen, we took the time to weed through as many sites as we could find to bring you the best.  See the review here.

Let us know what else you want to see on the site.

Weed friendly musicians?

Petitions for legalization in your state?

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