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LivWell Hash Pen with charger and free case.The LivWell Vape Pen is modeled after the Atmos Vape Pen and is proprietary to the LivWell brand of dispensaries in Colorado.  You can only get the LivWell Vape Pen at one of their seven locations.  They offer a variety of different flavored oil and strain specific cartridges and always have them in stock unlike other brands we have reviewed.  As of early April, 2013 LivWell is giving them away free to new members who sign them over as a caregiver.

Toke List - Free Marijuana Classifieds
Toke List – Free Marijuana Classifieds

Features of the Device

  • Cartridges are always in stock.
  • Backed by the dispensaries that sell them which is the LivWell brand.  If you have problems with the LivWell Vape Pen, you can take it back to the dispensary you bought it from.
  • The pens are very durable and have a solid feel to them.
  • Comes with a nice case to keep your charger and other cartridges together.  This allows you to carry around different cartridges for different buzzes at different times of the day.
  • Good variety of flavors as well as strain specific tastes.
  • The member price for a cartridge is $20.00  This is the lowest price we know of for 250mg hash oil cartridges.  The Open is usually $30.00 and the member price is only $27.00
  • Long battery life.  The first charge lasted weeks of daily use.
  • The USB charger has a cord unlike the Open Vape’s charger.  This helps prevent USB port damage.  When plugged into a laptop, you don’t want the charger sticking straight out of it.

Please fee free to leave comments about your experiences with the LivWell Vape Pen. Live Well people.

14 thoughts on “LivWell Vape Pen”

  1. I connected my battery to my carltlidge and the light only blinks when I go to vape and take a hit, with the cartlidge unscrewed the light stays on when the button is held, but when connected to cartlidge it won’t and only blinks when pressed, could someone please help me resolve this issue

  2. i’ve used two brands of pen now and my conclusion is we should have vape pens that plug into a socket or ones that take batteries The unit will work for a few weeks but eventually the battery cannot provide enough power for the job. i’m done with vape pens i will just smoke it the old fashioned way. It really is a shame this cannot be solved.

  3. so im pretty unhappy with this product, ive used alot of Vappens and Dab almost daily. the smell is so off and weird that i thought i had gotten a Nicotine top instead, and the product they put inside the cartridges must be some of the lowest quality concentrate product ive ever had the displeasure of smoking,i havnt smoke in almost 2 weeks. smoke over 10 puffs off this thing and get little to no effect at all

  4. I really Really like mine. Took a cartridge apart today and discovered if you take the rubber top off of the element part you can put keef our wax in there and vaoe that too. It’s also awesome that you can fill it so easy if you have the right friends!

  5. My pen is not working, it’s been charged, it blinks when u take it on and off the charger but then it just acts dead

  6. I enjoy my livwell vaporizer it has many benefits that make getting buzzed a lot easier. The variety of flavors is ok I wish they had more variety, like a flavor for every strain of marijuana that would be cool but the selection now isn’t bad just limited. While I hit the vaporizer for my first time I noticed you have to take a slow smooth hit or else you won’t get anything at all but after a while you get used to it. Overall I enjoy my high every single time I use my vaporizer and it sure beats ashes and thick smoke :)

    1. I am completely done with burning cannabis. I only vaporize it now. If its not raw flower in my NO2, it is using my LivWell hash oil pen. Burning it simply isn’t good for you.

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