OPen Vape Review

The OPen Vape is cutting edge cannabinoid consumption technology.  It has some pros and some cons.  Unfortunately it is known to leak.  Be careful!  Cleaning up the oil is a real pain.  Whatever you do, definitely don’t leave it in your car on a warm day.

Open Vape Pros

    • Size - The Open Vape device with cartridge attached is about an inch longer than an iPhone.  With the cartridge detached it breaks down into two pieces smaller than a cigarette. It fits comfortably in a pants pocket.
    • Durable – The OPen vape is made from metal.  The cartridges have plastic but they are disposable so it’s expected.  The cartridge and device have a threaded metal connection.
    • Stylish and Sleek – It looks cool and has a small profile.  When I take it out in public people either don’t notice or when they do think find it intriguing and mysterious.
    • Battery Life - Even with daily use I can go 3 to 4 weeks without having to recharge my pen.  This blew me away and is one of the most impressive parts of the pen.
    • Cartridges - Open Vape Cartridges are easy to change, strain specific, and come in Sativa, Indica or Hybrid.
    • Even Buzz - The oil provides a consistent and even buzz.

Open Vape Cons

  • Cartridges – The cartridge system also has its downsides.  The technology is new and in high demand.  In early January of 2013 it was hard to even find one for sale.  Refilling your own is near impossible so you are at the mercy of the store owner and the manufacturer.  Once that gets fixed, the list of cons will be gone.
  • Leaky - UPDATE – February 27th – I had a cartridge leak all over the place after I left it in the car for a couple days of cold temperatures.  The oil got all over my car!!  Be careful.
  • UPDATE and GRN VAPE Comparison – April 4th – After not being able to buy the cartridge refill on a number of occasions, I have switched over to the GRN VAPE disposable vape pen exclusively now.  I couldn’t get any before the Seger concert so I stopped and got a GRN Vape instead.  The White Fire Kings Kush put me through the Pepsi Center roof.  Plus around the end of the concert I ended up losing it to a few rows ahead of me.  I only paid 10 bucks so I didn’t care and that is part of the beauty of the GRN Vape.You can read more about the GRN VAPE disposable vape pen here. (Bob Seger and Joe Walsh also kicked ass by the way)
Special Edition Open Vapes found on the Open Vape Website
Special Edition Open Vapes

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  1. Vstick is a pile of shit. I tried selling the product once and couldn’t sell them because no body wants these piles and I don’t want shit ran out of a home.. There is one employee named Chris. He is a complete idiot. The shit is ran out of his bedroom. Vstick is not a real company just a 1 man show joke. Stick to Open. Plus they don’t even make oil.

  2. O Pen has horrible customer service. I tried to get my battery replaced under their “lifetime warranty”. They told me to go to the dispensary and buy some oil and ask them to warranty the battery for me. I don’t want to buy oil I just want my battery replaced like they claim they will do.

    After weeks of frustration and being told to go buy oil I didn’t want, I searched online and found another company called V.Stick

    I called V.Stick and they offered to let me use their lifetime warranty on my Open battery! I sent them my broken O.Pen battery and bought a new, empty cartridge and they sent me a brand new setup that actually IS warrantied for LIFE!

    Have a broken O.Pen or tired of shitty customer service?

    Call the people at and get a BRAND NEW pen vape with a REAL warranty! They even sent me a FREE GIFT along with my warranty! I am totally stoked to find these guys.

  3. So who wants to send me some green vape?!? would love to try…did get my hands on o.pen cartridge. not too bad but grn vape sounds interesting.

  4. I agree totally with the purist. Open is a shitty company run by some very crooked people. Now they are in bed with Cheeba Chew (Who was recently shut down). Stay away from these clowns!

  5. So I was on the o-pen cartridges for the past two years…They were cool for the most part, in that they are discreet and do the trick. But I found the oil to be inconsistent, even within the same strains. And I also found their claim of like over a hundred strains to be an insult to my intelligence, since there is NO WAY they could possibly be getting and separating the trim from beginning to end on over 100 different strains. Right. Different carts of the same strains would look totally different.

    Then my local collective kicked me a sample of these brand new “GRN” carts. They are RIDIC. 70/30 ratio of oil to vegetable glycerin, as opposed to o-pen and all other pre-filleds that use Polyethylene glycol, which studies are starting to show some serious concerns about.

    I am a organic chemistry grad student, and can vouch that the oil in the GRN cart tested at 82% THC when my buddies and I got lit and tested the oil in our school’s lab the other day. (The o-pen oil tested at 48% THC!!! I felt like I’d been getting so ripped off!!!)

    Tastes WAAAAY cleaner than the o-pen. Vapes WAAAAAY better. I would have to take 6-10 rips off the o-pen carts and these new ones get me floored after 2 solid rips.

    These just starting popping up in So-Cal (think they are produced in NorCal somewhere…but keep an eye out for them! They work on same buttonless o-pen battery or any 510 threading pen. I recommend the Cotton Candy OG! Best C02 oil I’ve ever had by far.

    Note to So-Cal collectives- Start carrying the GRN brand carts!

    Enjoy my friends!

  6. Actually just got one of these. The pen is nice, seems to work pretty well. It is a push button to activate, unlike the o.pen which I believe is just powered by the drawing action. Definitely not a big deal there.

    I got a strawberry flavored cartridge and it doesnt taste real great, to be honest. Taking a big drag is leaving a bit of a nasty taste in my mouth. Its not awful, but certainly not what I was hoping for. I think its the oil, rather than the flavor, as it doesnt seem like there’s anything wrong with the flavoring, but the something in the oil makes it unpleasant and almost give a harsh or dirty hit feel.

    The effects seem to be minimal, I didnt really notice any sensations and Im on the sensitive side with that. If I smoke weed, I just like a hit or two.

    This pen is supposed to be compatible with the o.pen prefills, so Im hoping to land some of those sometime and see if they taste better.

    Id rate this a 3 out of 10 in terms of enjoyability of puffing on the hemp vap prefill that I got.

  7. it’s a shame someone would take advantage of someone else, and not think that it want come back twice fold. P.S. IT WILL

  8. Mike, I agree with everything you say about inhaling vapor seeming to be safer than inhaling smoke but we both agree that we’re using “common sense”. That’s often correct but for people with damaged lungs (e.g., emphysema), I’d much rather we hear from science, I’m afraid any scientific studies are well in the future so, lacking that, staying with edibles seems safest. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if they found that inhaling the vapor actually improved damaged lungs?

  9. Surely it will depend much on what exactly you are inhaling, but if you are generically comparing smoke to vapor, I would sure think that vapor would generally be far safer. I could be wrong, but it just seems like a “common sense” kind of thing.

    If you had a cold and wanted to breath in some eucalyptus, would you rather burn some dry leaves and inhale the smoke or drop some oil into boiling water and breathe the vapor?

    Would you rather walk into a room full of thick smoke or a room full of heavy vapor?

    Again, harmful substances could be put into vapor form, but if Im going to breathe something in, just based on a very basic difference in observable properties between smoke and vapor, Ill take vapor.

  10. Why do you think inhaling vapor is safer for a respiratory problem? I’d think that using edibles would be the only way to go. Seriously, if you know of anything that suggests that inhaling vapor is safe for any kind of lung illness, I’d really appreciate learning about it.

  11. ok is the site legit where you purchased the cartridges from….cause i don’t want to Getty ripped off…..i have a terminal respiratory illness and i can’t smoke so this really helps me to eat…and be able to halfway function…..any help you would be able to give me in this matter our guider me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated..

  12. you probably over charged it…. when it dies you have to let it completely die…and then charge our to prevent over charging….next time you charge it wait till it goes completely dead and then charge it….and then click the Burton five times to power it on and out should work fine….also when you are finish using out press the button five times to power out down….that way it does not burn out by using unnecessary power…. i had to learn that the hard way my last pen i poverty charged our and then it just would not charge one day and when i sent out back to the manufacturer they Peru me know out was acting up due to over charging. i hope this helped your question.

  13. I am leaning towards the disposables nowadays. They are cheaper, never need charged, don’t leak, and have smoother oil.

  14. the quality of the cartridge depends 100% on where you are obtaining it.

    Places with great flower will send their trim to OrganaLabs (at least here in CO) and what’s on their menu usually mimicks the types (albeit a smaller selection) of CO2 oil. And DO NOT buy the BUDDER brand PROPANE EXTRACTED mini 150s they sell around denver. Not inhaling butane is what brought me to O-Pen in the first place, Ill smoke wax if I want to destroy my lungs. Fuck WAX.

    1. The batteries are TEN BUCKS….Why would I need a warranty on a 10 dollar battery (with at least 10 MMJ places in CO that give them away with purchase of a 500mg cartridge (which are the same thread and fill as the O-Pen. It all depends on the store.

    2. Can you idiots quit posting your own reply. Its pretty obvious your the people at this shitty looking v shit. I mean who actually would write what you guys post. I smell self promotion and also bs. It just gets really old when you keep posting. Lets keep the conversations about what the thread is for.

      1. How about we keep the conversations about what the thread is for and not call people names like a child. Cursing and calling people names is childish and uncalled for. Can you make your point without putting other people down? It’s amazing how rude people are. Shame on you!

  15. Sometimes they just dont work. I have had to return 3 o pens……they were exchanged no problem. I would take it back

  16. The O-pen is like a 5 dollar refillable e-cig marked up to 60 dollars a pen, the refills are very hard to find in the medical marijuana scene and there are a lot of people cashing in on the prospect of the all mighty dollar most of the oil syringes are very weak or reak of powdery mildew dew to tge horable trim/buds they use. with a price tag of 30$ a half gram syringe I would use the 30 spot lon some real oil not the cut co2 oil that gives you a fucked up headach.From where I’m looking as a medical marijuana patient/caregiver this product is a scam

  17. Shits a fucking scam man fucking shitty product making its way east, fucking garbage will break in a month for a 60 dollar price tag that’s fucking bull shot stay away from this scam ass product, second refill and the fucking thing doesn’t draw any more and its burning all your oils. Fucking stay away from this shitty pen get a nice water rig to cool down your dab and you will save 100 of dollars

    1. I’m gonna say 90% of the issues are caused by users here not reading an following the very basic warnings. I bought 3 of these from a local seller in AZ over a year an a half ago an have NEVER had one issue with them. The all get heavy use from myself an my wife an everyone who stops by. They all still work like they did the day I received them. Battery charges in same amount of time an last about 3 weeks before I notice any difference. So based on reading all the post here I noticed two simple things here that they tell you not to do. Do not expose them to temperate over 80 an temps under 40. Again I live in AZ where our avg temp is prolly over 80 so leaving it in a car is impossible an u rarely have to worry about 40 Degree temps. I just do not ever leave it anywhere where it would be subjected to the warning listed an have never had an issue. If you notice a lot of people complaining are people who left them in these conditions an then are complaing about them leaking an batteries being shot. Well how can you blame it on a defective crappy product when its user error? If they tell you in the print an you don’t read an abide its not the product. I’m sure there are as with anything some lemons, just gonna happen in mass production. What you also have to realize is many of this products are sold on the streets from dealers. I know a girl who gets 100s of them at a time. So if people like her are wheeling an dealing them how many hands are these new pens going through before you get them? An how many of these people traveled with them in their car an just left them in there all day or whatever? I’m guessing this is a big part of the problem here. So when your looking to purchase one do yourself a favor an but from a actual establishment to cover yourself. By doing so you still have piece of mind that they were handled correctly in a timely manor. An you will know your covered by the manufacture if a problem does arise. An lastly Anyone one who is buying things from random people they don’t know off the net deserves to get cleaned out. Sorry but at least use paypal to protect yourself . If the sellers doesn’t have paypal square or other new like services chances are they aren’t legit. Legit people know these service protect themselves an all involved an make it easier for people to purchase which leads to more sales despite the mere 3% fees. The bottom line is if you get one of there an use it correctly you won’t be sorry!! The only negative I can pin on it is towards the end of a cartridge the oil sometimes seems to get very thick an gunks up on the side an won’t vaporize anymore. Honestly not a big deal as I’ve found that detaching the cartridge an taking the hair dryer to it does(notice how I’m not exposing the pen an battery to the warned elements, just the cartridge) the trick an send it back to original state in a few seconds an all is good. Other than this these are good quality pens that will last if properly taken care. People here like the guy above need to quit bashing this product when they have no idea about it or how to take care of them properly. Pretty simple to abide by!!!

  18. I used my pen for 2 weeks with no problems and it worked great Now when I try and hit it the lights at the bottom start blinking immediately even after an all night charge and it doesn’t hit? Is it broken or am I just doing something wrong

    1. We had HUGE problems trying to carry/distribute the o.pen. They leaked, the batteries failed and when we tried to reach the company, they never helped us so we exchanged every warranty claim with no question and ate the loss because we wanted to maintain our reputation.

      People liked the pen when it worked but wanted to use it for e-cigarettes too. I had an engineer rework the cartridge and we’ve fixed issues with the battery and have very little fail rate with our similar model for the past 7 months. I’ve been using the same v.stick for 7 months with the same 3 cartriges: co2 oil in one and 2 e cig juices in the other. None leak and I’ve refilled them at least 20 times.

      The only thing our pens don’t do well is thick co2 oil. for that though we just use a the wax attachment that is coming out in March. We have prototypes though if anyone wants one. Just contact us directly.

      If anyone would like to try our pen, we don’t charge $60 and we always answer the phone when you call us. Customer service is king and warranties get dealt with right away.

      I like them because even though they are around $50, you get an EXTRA cartridge in the kit and it is warrantied so you don’t have to buy it more than once. The website also has spare parts and cartridges, and if you don’t see what you want, you just call them and they are very nice–they try to help in any way possible.

      1. When my O Pen battery stopped charging, I was going to throw it away, but then I saw that I could trade-in my broken O Pen for a V.Stick under their warranty replacement program. I called and got a real person on the phone and had a new set within 3 days in the mail.

        Now I have a brand new V.Stick that works great and a leather lanyard to carry it in. Thank you for great service!

      2. Live in Denver, heavy habit (smoke quarter of flower, .5-1.0′dabbing wax and or shatter), I recently switched from the flower smoking to using the 500 mg cartridges (they say they last 2-3 weeks,more like 2-3 days but these things do the trick) I go to town on mine and they offer a lifetime warranty, or u can just buy 2 cartridges and get the pen for now I just use the o-pen and dab it up prolly every other day, but the o-pen is the truth people..I have a dabbler,atmosRx, they all suck compared to this thing…I haven’t tried other honey oil pens but they seem to be the only way to go for a consistent reliable hit..I only get the 500 mg cartridges and I’m straight with them,puff on it all day downtown denver babbbbayyy

      1. Daniel,
        If you go to they have contact info on the site. Contact them on that number and they will get you taken care of.

  19. Don’t buy the oPen vape, it fuckin leaks everywhere all the god damn time and just pisses you off whenever you go to use it because you have to clean up all the oil your pen just wasted, screw this product

    1. Dude make sure you put the ruber stoper back in the cartridge when you get done filling ur shit…i had the same problem until my friend showed me what i was doing wrong…pen works great!

  20. Takee the tip off the black cartridge. There is a plug under there. Insert the needle in. I wouldnt put all of in. And you must put it in an and put the plug back on within 30 secs.


  22. Actually I am a rep for o pen. If you gog that pen for 10 you got a really good deal. There ususally 40 or 50. B7t I agree with you. He was ripped off majorly….

    1. Can u please help me I brought an o pen but there was no manual on how to fil. It came with two small oil cantianers and a syringe I don’t know what to do.

  23. I have a open vape pen u got anything stonger oil it don’t get me high i had 3 refills didn’t work it keep leaking oil if u can who can i talk to about this issue i had one with the wics or burning element not even in i have one i just started braking in it starts leaking i can’t even begin to enjoy my meds what can u do to help me

    Thank you please help
    Lorenzo ortega

  24. Hey I got in touch with Beau that posted a few posts down and ordered some cartridges no problem. I live in Houston and he sent me 3 250mg cartridges and an O.pen for $175, even shipped USPS for free. If you are having trouble finding cartridges he def. knows where to get them. Super cool guy, easy to deal with, and made the packaging super discreet I feel very comfortable getting more deliveries from him. His e-mail is, mention my name and I get a free cartridge,

    1. DO NOT deal with Beau, these are his friends posting comments for him. I bought 10 cartridges, sent him the money and now won’t answer the phone.


      Total rip off

    2. $175 for one pen and 3 250mg cartridges??? You’re getting ripped off bro, went and picked one up today with 2 250mg cartridges for $62 dollars. I think the pen was $10 and each cartridge was $26. Picked up one inidica and one sativa.

  25. Yo, Beau Dizzy is legit! I had him mail me an O Pen and 50 cartridges and recieved it discreetly the next day. Now I’m faded as fuck cuz these are some pretty potent ass cartridges! Anyone looking to score either the OPens or the cartridges and you’re skeptical of buying from someone online I would definetly recommend goin with B Dizzy. That fool knows his shit and wont rip you off. Thanks again Dizzy. I’ll be hittin you up again soon.

    1. One of Beau Dizzy’s friends posting on his behalf.

      DON’T buy from Beau, not only will you not get what you paid for….YOU WON’T GET ANYTHING AT ALL.

      Trust me, he is helpful through the whole process, but after he has your money he is like Waldo and no where to be found.


  26. I know this was a long time ago but I have O.Pens and about (75-80) cartrides that fit 510 style pens. I will sell them regardless of your MMJ card. Hit me back at or my cell 619-940-4455.

    Peace bro!


    1. IF YOU LIKE TO GET RIPPED OFF, then feel free to call Beau Dizzy.

      Says he will sell your medicine to you, but just takes your money and runs.

      He will answer the phone every time you call, until after you send him your money, then no more answers.

      I live 1 shipping day away and 5 days later, no package, no tracking number, NO ANSWER FROM BEAU.

  27. A 50/50 mixture of hash oil and glycerin would do the trick I would imagine. try messing around with the ratio of the mixtures till you get it right…

    1. hash oil and glycerin don’t mix (unless you cook them maybe). I tried mixing the two for just this purpose, and it didn’t work for me. Luckily for me, I’m a legal patient in Michigan and I can buy refills. I’m currently making a glycerin tincture to try and vape.

      1. oh yeah, try winterizing your hash oil/bho. Look it up on youtube, it thins the oil out. Maybe enough to use in a pen. I’m gonna try it soon.

  28. can somebody please help me my brand new pen seems to be mostly clogged. it’s easier to start a Harley Davidson. anyway the things almost new doesn’t have a cartridge, it takes the syringe to fill, with the little rubber nipple on top anyway can somebody please help its half full and clogged I can’t seem to get the element separated from the hopper I’m ready to take it apart and maybe run some ice appropoyl through it maybe with a vacuum not sure can somebody please help?!

    1. How do u refill your own? I mean, what are the necessary ingredients? Obviously I can’t just take bud and stick it in there lol. I’m in CA and the place I get mine from sucks – they are always running out, never bring what their menu says they have, and they always charge me more than the total I get online. Is there somewhere online I can buy them and have them shipped to me

  29. Mine doesn’t have a removable cartridge, it doesn’t seem. unless that’s what it is with the mouthpiece and battery off. Has a mini rubber nipple plug thing that comes off under the mouthpiece. then the battery comes off, with the 8 second lights at the end. it seems clogged, and full of legal herbal oil. can and how should I clean the element in it? does it come further apart? is there a way???? PLEASE HELP!!

    1. Try to hit it as hard as you can to break up the oil only thing you can do is try to vape it all up or just spend the 10 bucks and buy a new cartridge

  30. They have pure filled sativa,indicate and hybrid pure filled cartridges. You can only get ahold of them on Sundays. He has a store in Detroit somewhere to.

  31. I have had to buy 2 pens because they do not hold their charge. These folks give no refund…rip off. I suggest Rem Pen, Atmos…these pens actually last long, hold their charge & the medicine is just as good. They will also replace your pen if it has issues.

      1. All we have found is true labs co2 syringes at Trevinos spot, Everywhere we go we never see the pre packaged filled cart/atomizers I have been dreaming about :) lol

  32. Also would be nice to know places around michigan to get prefilled carts like the man in this review described. if any one knows it would be of great help.

    1. I don’t believe any places in Michigan have prefilled carts….I think they are only in Colorado, Cali, and Washington.

      I always buy a few when I go to Cali each year and bring them back with me.

      Are there even any dispensiaries left in Michigan? Most have been shut down around the country.

      1. I’ve seen people with them In MI…. mabey they do what you do and smuggle them back. Lol and yes we still have loads of shops,clubs and yes even provisioning centers where we can get everything you can get out in cali

  33. O-penvape .com is selling defective, broken atomizers that have holes in them that have been covered with black electrical tape. I’ve contacted there web site and i am wateing on a fix to this problem or a refund. great product but this web site is selling broken parts. very disappointing hard earned money down the drain and time wasted I needed to used my pen to eat and couldn’t. I should have went to my local club to buy my accessories.

    1. I would call them……I have bought many of the atomizers from them for me and my friends over the last year or so. I have had 1 atomizer that was bad and they replaced it right away. I just called them and told them. The customer service rep was really nice. It’s not uncommon for mass produced products to have some bad parts. I work for a automotive parts supplier and in manufacturing you always have a small percentage of products that get through quality control. I would call them still.

    2. Got a reply from o-pen vape .com. they were more then happy to replace my defective atomizers at no cost in 2 weeks when there order comes in. They claimed not to know about the defect being it was raped in plastic rap saying it was an error from the manufacturers. none the less they will fix the problem and they apologized so I’m very happy with this vendor service and will continue to buy from them.

    3. I love how people dont even know what they are talking about on here…ive bought from the site before…It came in two days and was not fake….who comes up with this non sense…and I love the people who just send money to some random named beau and then they mad they got nothin….wow I think retards should be banned from commeting.

    4. V.stick honors their warranty on any defective o.pen right now. V.stick functions like the o.pen but offers more part/accessories and locations nation wide you can buy them. Contact them at and they will take care of you. They answer the phone from 9-9E.

    1. I havent bought any pens from this site just but some catridges. I got the catridges in two days. I just went to the site and they actually have a pretty good deal going right now it looks like.

  34. Unhappy with your open vape pen? Try the NEW B-VAPED Personal Portable Vaporizer by UB VAPED CO. out of Detroit,MI. Great Product Low Failure Rate,AND MOST IMPORANTLY FOUND EVERYWHERE. SOON TO BE IN A DIPSENESARY NEAR YOU!!! Ask for it, ifthey don’t have it them them to order it. This is a top shelf product, check it out yourself on Facebook.

  35. I love my O Pen. Just got a refill and they have changed the strength and type of oil. It is unlikely to leak. My didn’t leak before and I purchased it a month ago.

  36. 4 of my 10 cartridges i have had to exchange for leaking or not hitting or being cracked. Would love it if it worked better.

    1. My first one hit hard like it was clogged but we took the tip a crack off so more air could get in and it hit harder and better then being clogged only problem was we were vapeing a half a gram a day (too much money)(Way to big of hits), the next atomizers we bought had black electrical tape covering the defects on both, I took the tape off to reveal a huge hole on the side of the tank covered half ass with black electrical tape yikes, so i went to my club and bought a couple 2013 open vape atomizers that are see through. They hold less oil then before but they seem to work great so far. I think they keep redesigning to achieve perfection ,I would hope they would want to better there product . I’m happy with the new gen atomizers/cartridges only thing is I think they need to make a more discrete & stealthy cartridge :). but Great Product Openvape This is in fact the game changer Medical Marijuana users need to keep medicating anywhere so we can get our hourly doses on time with out worry of police harassment in places we normally would be persecuted or imprisoned for medicating.The futures looking a little bit better for people who have to use medical marijuana.

  37. love my pen, first purchase no cartridges but since then i have had no problem in wa state. i have two pens and have bought two for friends…it feels great to feel good about doing things clean. this is also so small and so easy to use. pretty happy, googled to see what others thought and surprised to hear not so great things….

  38. I just got an O.pen vape, but I think it’s dead and it’s not charging. When I try to hit it, the lights on the bottom blink and when I plug it in to the charger, the light on the charger glows green. However, I left it on the charger for a good 8 hours last night, tried to hit it, and it still blinks. I’ve tried charging it a few more times and the same thing happens. What’s going on? Is it broken?

    1. sour d you need too tighten the pen till the light turns red on the charger. The lights at the end of the pen will be lit, now it is charging. should charge in about 4 hours.

    2. When you hit it, the bottom lights up for 8 seconds and then automatically blinks and shuts off to give the “perfect” hit.

    3. They call that “The Perfect Hit” after 8 seconds of a hit the lights blink at the end. I found it helped because I was taking to much in and ended coughing to much. Love my OPen

  39. I love my o.pen vape. But after i hit it for 3 seconds it will stay on for a few more even when i’m not inhaling. If i just puff it for a second or 2, the light hades away like normal. Is it normal for the light to stay on like that even when your not inhaling, or is my vape f…ed up. I feel like its wasted vapor when it stays on like that. Anyone have this problem or is it supposed to do that?

  40. Love the O.pen Vape contraption. So good. But I get a sore throat every time I take a hit. I’m starting to think this thing is killing us. Inhaling heated-up plastic probably.

    1. Lol I would think its the oil your vapeing sir. I took one apart after smoking 20+ grams in it I wanted to see if there was any damage from the constant heating and cooling. Upon unwrapping a cartridge I observed no damage to any part of the cartridge ( inside is a nail or wick that heats up the oil) I don’t think it has the capability of melting the plastic I think its your oil sir

  41. If you bring in the leaky cartridges they give you a new one for free, and let you keep the old one. Well they at least do that for Colorado, not sure about other states.

    1. I traveled from Durango to Palisade & could not find 1 cartridge for the Ovape. SO frustrating!! love the pen. I bought a Rem Pen instead & have been able to find the cartridges much easier. Longer battery life…I love the oil in the Ovape but the Rem Pen good too

  42. Seen these pens around for better part of 2 years now. They all come from china, people just put there company name on them. has the best cartridges for your buck, all strain specific, not just indica, sativa, and hybrid. Real strains, with real strain flavor…check them out, no leaks, no artificial flavoring and all cartridges are made with whole flower extracts, no one does it better……NO ONE., check it.

  43. Really diggin’ my O.pen Vape Pen. To avoid leak issues, store cartridges in a vertical or up right position to keep (or puddle) oil at the end near the male theaded part, not the mouthpiece. In other words, mouthpiece up, threaded connection down.

  44. Yes I’ve had leak issues on many carts, also..
    Not sure if its ruff shipping from Sorce to retailers or what, but very unhappy with that part, also wish the % of meds were stronger in the carts, less fillers and more meds please :)

    1. I have had about 15 different cartridges now and I agree that some of them have a chemical taste to them. I think it’s because the company is having a hard time with a consistent extraction process.

  45. Love, love, love the o.pen!!! BUT not one of our 14 dispensaries has had them in stock in weeks!! BEYOND FRUSTRATING!!!

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